"If you own a Steinberger guitar with a Trans-Trem vibrato
tailpiece, and it needs restoration, adjustment or fretwork,
-Eddie Van Halen
Jeff Babicz is your go to guy!! He knows his shit!!”

About Jeff

First being a self-taught electric player, and then later taking up the acoustic guitar, Jeff studied finger-style blues and ragtime guitar, all the while still keeping in touch with some of his earliest musical influences, like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Van Halen. Jeff always had a strong interest in guitar construction and design, and while in high school, Jeff built his very first electric guitar. 

Around 1978 Jeff was thumbing through the latest copy of Frets magazine, and came across an article on luthier Steve Klein, showcasing his totally new "Kasha" influenced acoustic guitar designs. Within the profile, it showed images of Steve's wild "flying braces" which was a great departure from the norm. It was that very moment Jeff was intrigued with acoustic guitar construction, design, and history.
After reading most available books on guitar construction, Jeff set out to build his first acoustic guitar. Jeff ordered some wood and supplies from C.F. Martin and he completed his first acoustic guitar in late 1981. Having set up shop in his parent's basement, Jeff started guitar building and doing repairs on all types of stringed instruments.

Left, Jeff plays the very first acoustic guitar he built in 1979. 

In the early '80's, with his first acoustic in hand, Jeff met Ned Steinberger and took a position at the newly relocated Steinberger Sound Corporation (Steinberger Guitars), in Newburgh New York. There, Jeff would work throughout the '80's, first as Maintenance/Assistant to Ned, then later moving throughout the production floor working in most departments; such as Machining, Frets, Finishing and Final Assembly. Jeff would soon become the Quality Control Manager for the factory, and later the Plant Manager.

While at Steinberger Guitars, Jeff had the fortunate opportunity to build Steinberger guitars and basses for some of the most accomplished artist of the decade, such as David Gilmour, Allen Holdsworth, and Eddie Van Halen to name a few. For more info on Jeff's time at Steinberger Sound, click HERE.

It was late 90's, while experimenting with some new striking ideas on new acoustic guitar construction, Jeff discovered his "Lateral Compression Soundboard" design. "The acoustical results were immediate and profound" says Jeff. "I couldn't believe the sound of my very first prototype. I knew I discovered something special that really worked right out of the gate. The new Lateral Compression Soundboard was something that I, or any of my acoustic friends, had never heard the likes of before".

With the intent of creating a totally new acoustic concept, Jeff began working on the ground-breaking "Continually Adjustable Neck" and completing the Patented design package with the "Torque Reducing Split Bridge". Once the inventions were proven, and the designs were frozen, Jeff realized that his new adjustable acoustic guitar evolved into an entirely new class of instruments.
After making several other prototypes of the new designs, Jeff, along with his business partner Jeff Carano set out to have the guitar reviewed by several focus panels which consisted of industry experts and professional musicians. The excitement was so positive that the two obtained a Provisional Patent and showed an early prototype of the guitar at the Healdsburg Acoustic Guitar Festival in 2003 (now nicknamed the Healdsburg). "I was fortunate enough to unveil the guitar in Tom Rebbicke's workshop, where it would be combed over and discussed by some of the worlds most renowned luthiers". Jeff goes on to say "The point of this was quite simple. I wanted to see if my new design had been done before…and these world class acoustic builders and designers would have the answer."

Right, Jeff Babicz presents a brand new Babicz Octane six-string electric guitar to Todd Rundgren

After a great showing, the two "Jeff's" launched Babicz Design Ltd and Babicz Guitars USA, and established an overseas factory to produce the cousin to the hand made Signature Series called the "Identity Series". Very quickly, big name bands and began recording and touring with Babicz guitar such as: Foreigner, Porcupine Tree, The Outlaws, The Black Eyed Peas, Umphrey's McGee, Kansas, and The Pretenders.. To date Jeff's designs have received acclaimed reviews by noted publications such as Acoustic Guitar, Guitar World, Guitar Player, and Vintage Guitar magazines
In 2013 Jeff received a patent for his Full Contact Hardware (FCH) design, which is upgrade guitar and bass bridge hardware for the electric market. FCH is unique in that Jeff's saddle design is adjustable for string height and intonation, but always maintains direct coupling of the string to the body.

Left, Jeff Babicz presents a guitar to Billy Gibbons featuring the Babicz Full Contact bridge

FCH is now sold worldwide direct to musicians, and is used by many outstanding brands like ESP Guitars, Gibson Guitars USA, and Dean Guitars. Jeff's bridges can now be seen on instruments played by such notable musicians as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, bassist Jeff Berlin, and Keith Urban.